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Welcome to “The Suitcase Detective” — a site built a fascination with mysteries of all kinds and a passion for improving international awareness of unsolved cases and bringing justice to those life has treated so unfairly.

We investigate international intrigue in everything from true crime to fiction. Mysteries Galore ~ Fact or Fiction, the Truth Must Be Revealed! 👣🔪🩸

We offer reviews, updates, and listings of domestic and foreign literature, shows, and films delving into the murder, mayhem, and mystery.

We are even developing a very comprehensive list of mysteries in film and in television! …

Angela (3 y/o) disappeared while attending a church picnic with her parents in Monte Faito’s recreation area. Possible kidnapping involved.

Nickname: Unknown
Alternative Name: Angelita

Soprannome: Sconosciuto
Nome Alternativo: Angelita

Missing 14 Year Old Nepalese Girl

Hema Devi Karwal disappeared from Jamunl Gaun, Bardiya, Nepal (बर्दिया, नेपाल) in January 21, 2021. She is only 14 years old.

Nickname: Unknown
Alternative Name: Unknown

उपनाम: अज्ञात
वैकल्पिक नामहरू: अज्ञात

Where the Universe Always Gets the Last Laugh

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency — Dirk Gently always ends up precisely where he need to be. Even if it isn’t where he actually intended to go.

Some people are just like that. Every person they meet, every conversation they have, every accidental wrong turn. . . it’s all part of one giant interrelated web of unavoidable circumstances. Maybe it’s fate. Maybe it’s just the universe shooting the breeze. Maybe it’s just that ‘free will’ took a leave of absence on the day they were born. …

Did the Young Belgian Backpacker Really Commit Suicide? Or Was There Something More To Her Death?

Elise Dallemagne ➜ A young Belgian backpacker vanished mysteriously overnight on Thailand’s ‘Koh Tao Island’ following strange behaviors. Her body was found in the jungle more than a week later.

Movie Posters of the five Grave Robber Chronicles series
Movie Posters of the five Grave Robber Chronicles series

A comprehensive list of ‘The Grave Robber Chronicles’ universe arranged in chronological order with corresponding novels.

Even amongst the hundreds of mysteries under our belts, ‘The Grave Robber Chronicles’ universe has become a particular favorite since its first adaptation — ‘The Lost Tomb’.

Choi Jae Myeong (최재명) disappeared in 1986 from the Gye-yang District of Incheon at the age of 6.

Choi Jaemyeong (최재명)

Date: January 29, 1986 (Wednesday)
Location: Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, South Korea
Situation: Missing Child

Sisters disappeared mysteriously from the streets near their Chicago apartment after apparently going outside to play.

This article is built on research from a wide variety of sources; many of whom conflicted on key details like timing or omitted relevant details all together. We have attempted to note where conflicts were likely or where information is considered abnormally unreliable. If you wish to submit a correction to the story, please comment below or ‘Contact Us‘.

Tionda (10) was a lovely young girl, who ran track at school, loved dancing, and is fondly remembered by her cousin as speeding down the streets on her bicycle. She even won local awards for her running and gymnastic abilities. At…

Little girl disappears while playing in the front yard of her home in small-town Fudai-mura, Japan.

The Springfield Three (Sherrill Levitt, Suzie Streeter, and Stacy McCall) vanished mysteriously from Springfield, MO home, never to be seen again. No motive. No evidence. Just gone in the night.

Date: June 7, 1992 (Sunday)
Location: 1717 E. Delmar Street, Springfield, MO
Status: Missing

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