The Suitcase Detective

Welcome to “The Suitcase Detective” — a site built a fascination with mysteries of all kinds and a passion for improving international awareness of unsolved cases and bringing justice to those life has treated so unfairly.

We investigate international intrigue in everything from true crime to fiction. Mysteries Galore ~ Fact or Fiction, the Truth Must Be Revealed! 👣🔪🩸

We offer reviews, updates, and listings of domestic and foreign literature, shows, and films delving into the murder, mayhem, and mystery.

We are even developing a very comprehensive list of mysteries in film and in television! Right now, we have over 250+ shows listed, so check it out!

“The Suitcase Detective” is also responsible for “Never Quit Looking” — a global database of missing persons, unsolved homicides, and unidentified remains.

Case files are predominantly compiled from government websites, national databases, personal websites dedicated to missing persons, and social media.

The purpose of “Never Quit Looking” is to provide a standardized platform for families, police, government agencies, and NGOs to spread cases unresolved domestically for more than a year to a global audience. The database encourages:

  1. Compiling data about cases from around the world into a single location for use internationally or where the case might involve multiple countries.
  2. Providing an easily searched, easily translated, easily accessed database that can be readily used by persons regardless of language or nationality.
  3. Establishing a highly detailed, researched, and consistently updated database for increased reliability.
  4. Offering improved, extensive filters for easy case identification where limited information about a case is known.
  5. Identifying cross-border trends and patterns.
  6. Facilitating the identification and comparison of relevant missing persons cases with unidentified remains.
  7. Increasing exposure of unresolved cases to a diversified, international audience.

In addition to offering the “Never Quit Looking” database, the Suitcase Detective also provides to families and authorities a clean, easy to share poster with the relevant details in English and in the native language.

Advancements in transportation, increasingly open or less stringently monitored borders, and an ever growing influx of tourists and international businesspersons has created a truly global and constantly shifting movement of persons around the world. Crime is not constrained by borders and neither are criminals, evidence, or the victims. It is now substantially easier to transport victims, criminals, witnesses, and evidence across borders rapidly, cost-efficiently, and with limited trails for police to follow.

At “Never Quit Looking“, we believe government and police agencies must increasingly cooperate globally in sharing and publicizing cases with each another and the public. Resolving many cases requires the rapid and comprehensive sharing of information, photos, and identifying features to a maximized audience. This necessitates greater integration of and more streamlined investigation practices.

We offer a standardized, easily integrated, translatable method for recording the relevant data and a global database of cases. Our services are meant to facilitate the compilation, identification, and communication of key details to global audiences.

Each case solved is a victory for justice and closure for their families.

If you know a missing person / unsolved murder and want to file a report with our database, please fill out and submit our form online. We also offer translations of the form in several languages!

How You Can Contribute?

We are always looking for assistance and aid in our mission at “Never Quit Looking.” Both financial and volunteer support would be greatly appreciated! If you would like to contribute, check out the link below:



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The Suitcase Detective

The Suitcase Detective

🔪📸👁‍🗨~ Fact or Fiction, the Truth Comes Out. We bring the mystery — you bring the answers. >